Name Current Occupation
admin Dr. Jason S. Pelc Research Scientist at HP Labs
admin Dr. Chris Richard Phillips Post-doc at ETH Zürich, Switzerland
admin Dr. Derek Chang Data Scientist at Optimizely
admin Dr. Joseph E. Schaar R&D at Newport Spectra-Physics
admin Dr. Paulina S. Kuo Staff Scientist at NIST
admin Dr. Mathieu Charbonneau-Lefort R&D at Apple
admin Dr. Jie Huang Associate at McKinsey & Company
admin Dr. David S. Hum R&D at Apple
admin Dr. Rostislav V. Roussev R&D at Corning
admin Dr. Ueyn Block R&D at Apple
admin Dr. Xiuping Xie Director of Engineering at LasFocus, Inc.
admin Dr. Andrew M. Schober Laser and Optical Physicist at Lockheed Martin
admin Dr. Jonathan Kurz Technical Program Manager for Predictive Analytics at HERE
admin Prof. Dr. Sheila Rowan Prof of Phys @ U of Glasgow
admin Dr. Krishnan R. Parameswaran R&D at Physical Sciences, Inc.
admin Dr. Gennady Imeshev R&D at Dolby
admin Dr. Michael L. Bortz Consultant
admin Dr. Judith Schwesyg Technical Product Manager Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, BÜCHI Labortechnik AG