About us

Prof. Fejer joined the Stanford faculty in the Department of Applied Physics in 1986. His group's current research is in the fields of nonlinear and guided-wave optics, microstructured ferroelectric and semiconductor media, and precision optical measurements, with current projects in optical signal processing, ultrafast optics, quantum optics, efficient generation of coherent visible and infrared radiation by waveguide and bulk optic frequency conversion, precision interferometry for gravitational wave detection, and characterization of materials with low-dissipation.

Group members as of 9/2006 (from left to right): Mathieu Charbonneau-Lefort, David Hum, Ueyn Block, Marty Fejer, Carsten Langrock, Rostislav Roussev, Jie Huang, Scott Sifferman, Xiuping Xie, Joe Schaar, Paulina Kuo

Research topics

Full-wafer electric-field poling, fiber-pigtailing of waveguide devices, high-efficiency visible-light generation, octave-spanning continuum generation, damage-resistant materials for high-power visible light generation, orientation-patterned semiconductors.